Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning in their graves ?

"It is what we do that makes us what we are." I heard this line a lot of times as I was growing up. In one of her lectures, our political science professor copied the same tone of voice as of our elders and said, "It is who we elect that make our government."  I love the concept of Democracy and it's promises. Before India became a Democracy there were small and big kingdoms. Most of the times princes and princesses who succeeded kings and queens were qualified in every way for the positions they inherited. A few times (as history recalls) certain princes were not qualified because of their indulgences. At such situations it was said that the king must be turning with discomfort in his grave.
Young people dance all the time. They find solace specially after being in trouble and getting hurt. I wonder why people do not give people a break. I think that there is no need for violence even if the target is a television. However seeing political candidates on television reality shows make me wonder about where this country is going.

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