Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tomorrow's Leaders, Today's Kids - - - - - - -Stereo typed ?

It has been over a week, my husband and I are still talking about the little goblins and ghosts that came to our door for candy. My husband thinks that it will take another thirty to forty years before today's kindergartners get to be tomorrow's leaders. I think that he is right. Meanwhile it would be a good idea to cultivate their creativity, their people's skills and their tolerance of everyone. Let them live their lives to their fullest, the lives they love,try and stretch their mind, step by step build their confidence,give feed backs promptly and if they fail in something tell them it is OK.
 So you are doing your best, what if some one else happens to be, umm -- prejudiced and smart face and hurts your kid's feelings ? The fact that some grown-up people make fun of a little boy for dressing up as a female cartoon character makes my fears very real.

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