Saturday, November 13, 2010

Space Stations and Helping Hands

Thanks to the television, we hear a lot of news about our skies, as well as the rest of the world. Last night, as we were watching the weather report, we came to know that the International Space Station was visible in New Windsor, NY, as well as some other parts of New York. The time for New Windsor was 6:29 PM. My daughter and I went outside quickly to look at the sky from the parking lot. Sure, it was visible. A semi-circular bright aircraft moving towards the moon, just like the weather man had said. It reminded me of the citrus candy that was divided in three sections. My husband laughed, because the Space Station usually looks silver and is not semi-circular. My daughter just saw a big bright flashing light.
As I was feeling low because of my aging and deteriorating eyes, I was wondering if Geoff Tabin would be noticed from the Space Station above. Whether he made to the seventh summit or not the Himalayan Cataract Project curing the blind he has worked with is no less than any Space Station or its projects both literally and/or metaphorically.

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