Friday, November 26, 2010

On The House

Looking back at the years when we had our all our children at home, I remember that goodies we made on Thanksgiving were delicious and delectable. Now that our boys are away, they may or may not come home, our menus have been trimmed to fewer items. It is not that I have cut my budget or time, but that we have been eating healthier. Yesterday I made my apple, pineapple, and raisin pie without the brand name graham cracker pie crust. The filling was exactly the one I have been making for years but without the special crust. It was not appealing to my husband. Although recently he has been throwing away the crust of any store bought pies. He says that he likes to see the firm crust (with hydrogenated or saturated fat mixed in the dough.) My argument is that why buy fattening food when you know that you will be throwing away parts of it? I think that it is a bad practice. We do not want to promote sales of unhealthy food and also it is a waste of money. So, I have decided that all healthy food is on the house. Any unhealthy food is not coming from our food budget.

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