Friday, November 26, 2010

Day After Thanksgiving Lip Smacking

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving has become synonymous with slumber parties by the door fronts of stores and by craziness of early shoppers. Why not? A lot of good deals and a lot of presents taken care of. A lot of people forget that Friday is a working day for a lot of people. One such group of people is traffic and parking regulation officers. So a lot of big city shoppers end up paying in traffic tickets because they think that this is a weekend day or a holiday and parking regulations do not apply. Those of us who are careful in parking may end up getting a ticket because inspection date had passed. I personally do not care for Black Friday shopping. I rather spend the whole weekend catching up talking with my family. Our children would spend the weekend reminiscing with their school friends. Some people like to go for walks and some like to play games to burn the extra calories. Playing basketball at Fort McNair in Washington DC and ended up getting twelve stitches on his lip, the President reminded me of the time when our son got stitches by his eyebrow playing tennis on the fourth of July. We were suppose to join him at  family picnic that the college had arranged for summer scholars.

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