Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

Yesterday our living room was full of chuckles and baby talk. I was chasing our eighteen months old grandson around the  kitchen wall and he would laugh teasing me when I said "You got me" or "Got you!" Meanwhile my five year old grandson was playing super mario bothers on his DS with our daughter and being poised and serious and having fun at the same time. I would not know who was winning but I know that that time was priceless. Watching my daughter come down to her nephew's level being a friend and an aunt at the same time. Cuter than the kids were their parents when they made sure that their kids would eat before they did. Driving three hours with two kids after a long week to see their parents tells me that the world is in good hands. I am not worried about what kind of adults today's kids will turn out to be, because my five year old grandson was holding the door for his grandfather for about ten minutes while he was taking his time to come. Yesterday was no less than a Holiday.

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