Monday, December 13, 2010

Children Having to Carry Parent's Shame

My siblings and I tried our best to make our parents happy and proud of us. Now that we lost both our parents we feel sorry for the smallest mischief. The desire of making our loved ones happy and proud is in almost all of us. Changing from sleeping gown into day time clothes even on a weekend morning so your son's friend does not think you are sloppy is one way of saving your son from getting embarrassed. One of my co- workers used to say that he hated his dad, for getting drunk and wasted while other parents would work hard to send their kids to college. We are all human beings. However when we become parents it becomes our duty to be good human beings. We should try and give our kids a good life. It does not have to be a life of luxury.

The two year anniversary of the arrest of the person responsible for the Scam of the Century is marked by the suicide of his own son. When does a human being forget that money is only a means to be happy? It is not the end for which we should either kill ourselves or cheat innocent people.

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