Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dream, Life, Reality and Death?

People who go to school for science say that Quantum Theory is very hard to explain. If you think that you can explain it you have not really understood it. What we see is not hundred percent as it really is. Our vision and perception alters its image. The difference could be as tiny as a spec of dust or the position could be  a millionth of a millimeter away than you see it. Please correct me if I am wrong. Well then, why do they say that seeing is believing? I rather go by the quote someone used from the Beatles "Nothing is real." How I wish that that day was not real thirty years ago today. I had just gotten over the frustration of the red tape you have to go through to get a visa to India. I was planning to make sure that there were not safety issues as we were going to travel with kids. My husband was relaxed as usual, watching TV when he heard in a News Flash that John Lennon was shot. I cannot describe how shocked I was. First politicians and country leaders, but musicians? When I was leaving for England in 1972, my friends in India were so envious. "Now you can get a chance to meet the Beatles," they told me. I was not as lucky as that, but I was glad that at least I could listen to them on the radio. In India we could listen to BBC News, but hardly any English music. Only the rich had tape recorders. Here in the western countries, they have so much that they take everything for granted.  Instead of being thankful some can actually kill a singer who touches your soul?
The killer will never know that John Lennon is not dead. He is "AMAR" (someone who lives in people's mind for ever.)

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