Friday, December 10, 2010

Life, Soul, People and Genetics

The origin of the word "AMAR" is Hindi. Hindi is a beautiful language having some words and phrases that you would not be able to find in other languages. So when I said that John Lennon is "AMAR" (someone who lives in people's mind for ever) my husband looked at me as if I had spots on my face. "What?" I asked, "is it because he was not from India?" He just nodded to mean that I am was out of my mind. Seriously now, why do we have to limit certain aspects to only certain cultures? I think that one's personality clearly commands the association of some doctrines whether or not the person is from the culture to which the concept is attached. After all the word "Karma" must have been foreign to the west at some point. Some souls are meant to be "AMAR". Again my grown ups would be angry if they heard me say that. So, what is a soul after all?
My daughter always wonders where she would be if my husband and I never married each other. "Is our soul related to the genetic material that is contained within our zygote?" I don't know the answer, but I do know that the Beatles were touched by the music and hospitality of people of India and learned a lot from Shanker/Jaikishan. They also left some beautiful notes that were later used by the musicians even after the Beatles went back to England after their visit.

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