Saturday, December 11, 2010

Families, Health, TLC or Hurt?

"We are all humans," said my husband when scandals about a Vice-Presidential candidate started coming in the headlines. "We all make mistakes."
I would not argue with him because I know it is true.
"Why do hidden mistakes have to come out of the woodwork, right when someone is in the limelight?" asked one of my co-workers.
"Well, I guess that is one way the media gets to sell it's time on TV or space in the publications." I did have a point.

Cancer claims a lot of lives. So many men and women die an untimely death. Again, it sounds strange to call death untimely because most of us believe that we die when we are meant to. For some reason, it seems more tragic when someone is sick and got more than their share of emotional pain as well. People make mistakes and they apologize and all is well. However, the decency of being next to your spouse all the way in sickness and in health is so much  sweeter than following your desire to be with the young, pretty and healthy. Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett may have had their differences but some how you feel sorry for him for losing someone he loved. The example that Dana Reeve has set is also that every couple should aspire to follow although she herself did not think of it as unusual.

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