Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life, Livelyhood and Suicide?

It was summer of 1991. We were in India. Our kids would wander off with their cousins to look around.  One day, it was really hot. Grown ups were complaining about the heat while kids were exploring. I would follow them around sometimes. What they did would be more interesting any way compared to what the grown ups did. There was a little garbage dump site and I always get a fit when kids go near garbage as you don't know what kind of germs will effect them. My kids and their cousins were looking intensely and were very seriously concerned about what they were looking at. I went closer and what I saw also made me get involved. Some one had left a barrel of tar at that garbage dump and it had accidentally spilled. There was a very frail dog stuck in that spill of tar and it was helpless. You could actually see the helplessness in its eyes. The kids were thinking about the ways they could possibly get that dog out. Someone suggested that kerosene can actually help remove the tar off of the dog's legs and then once the dog is able to move out they could some how wash the dog. So after struggling along with the poor dog, the kids and a couple of grown ups were able to save the dog. I then realized that life is precious. No matter how much a life struggles it is better than dying.
Not even a week has passed since the son of the billion dollar scam artist killed himself and there is another suicide in the headlines. This is very sad. A school personnel gets fired and her husband holds the entire school board hostage? Luckily he did not kill anyone. He could have just surrendered instead of killing himself and maybe then he could have had his voice heard. I am sure the economic jam he was in could not have been too bad compared to that poor little dog in the tar spill.
Snoopy (yes Charles Schulz's Snoopy) once said "Civilization is overrated" Do the worries of making a living have more value than life itself?

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