Monday, December 6, 2010

Sky Miles To Heaven

My grandmother was a cool lady. My father's mother that is. My mom's mother was a nice lady too. Well they were both nice. I knew my father's mother a little more closely since she lived with us. The thing is she always looked at my view point instead of dismissing it. So, if all my elders were alive today and I expressed (in front of them) my view points about who goes to heaven, a lot of them would have considered me to be a blasphemist. Not my grandma, she would always try and make some sense out of my reasoning. So, I think that I would recommend all kinds of cool people from all walks of life to get a ticket to heaven. Seriously, now if we had an account where we kept all our good deeds as credit and bad deed as debits, would we have an ATM card to work it? Every time we did a good deed would one of our bad deeds be cancelled? What about how much we used the card? Would we have some kind of reward system to encourage us to use it? So there I gave my husband one more reason to think that I am going out of my mind. All this business of religious stuff is too much for me. How about we don't hurt anyone, not take anyone's stuff, not work people against people, not spoil this earth (where there are heavenly spots) and finally be true to ourselves.
My daughter just told me that she heard in the news that they misprinted billions of one hundred dollar bills. Now the government has a huge task of fixing the problem (at our expense). Meanwhile let us see how many of us will play innocent and try to use other kinds of fake bills.

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