Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life, Livelyhood and Greed ?

Twenty to thirty inches of accumulation of snow in most parts of New York city, the three boroughs, Long Island and five of the closest counties. That was the area of the TV weather coverage and traffic reports. The snow started sometimes around one o'clock in the afternoon the day after Christmas and lasted until dawn the next morning. Sunday and Monday after Christmas and the streets were like a ghost town. It was unbelievable. Normally, people would be rushing to return or exchange the presents or even get a good selection from the marked down merchandise. I always dreaded having to work those days in retail. We would have fun too, as we talked about our kids while putting away the merchandise that was returned.
" It is so hard cleaning the wet floor when kids bring in the snow in the garage after playing in the snow."  I was venting to one of my co workers.
"Just teach them the Garage Dance," she said laughing, "Your kids are still young, aren't they?"
"What is a Garage Dance?" I asked.
"A Garage Dance is a dance you dance before entering in the garage to shake off the snow, so it does not get on your floor and people do not slip," she said showing me how to shake off the snow.
"Oh Wow," I said, "then why do people not do that here in the store, so we do not have a wet floor, so they do not fall."
"To avoid slipping and falling? Are you kidding me, so they can loose a couple of thousand dollars from a potential lawsuit?" she had a smirk on her face. I was stunned.
"Are you serious?"
"You bet she is," said the maintenance guy. "What do you think keeps me on my toes?'

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