Friday, December 31, 2010

Life, Liveleyhood, Children leaving Home

We left India to make a better life. The pilgrims left their homeland to start fresh. Generations of people to come will leave their homes to make a livelihood. Has anyone thought about the effects they had on their parents' minds? I know I did for a few days, maybe a few months, all right ---- now -- even a few years, but you have your kids and start a family and your childhood home is as distant as it can be,even in your mind. My grandma used to quote a famous Hindi quote that meant that for a bird it is its nest that is dear, not the one it grew up in. So we were designed to grow up and leave, no matter how much our folks missed us.

South East Museum in Brewster is having a "Pre New Year Party " for children this afternoon starting at one thirty. Now that made me go back thirty some years when we used to take kids to various museums.  I am just hoping that parents of little kids plan something special that children can enjoy as well, instead of focusing just on booze. Ten years ago people used to buy drinks with the most expensive labels and today they buy something with the least expensive label. Your friends will grow up with the same pace as you, but your children will grow up to be adults and leave your home. You will not be able to blame them. They will be moving out for the sake of livelihood.

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