Saturday, December 4, 2010

Living on Earth, Hoping for Heaven

Postponing or even evading a talk about death was not good enough for me. Even at an earlier age, I was always inquisitive about what happens to us after we die. I would discuss life and death outside the family if I had to. Some of my friends who were not of the same faith as me would be hesitant to discuss our fate, because they were told that people of faith that was not their own would not go to heaven. Some of my friends believed in reincarnation. A door keeper in our neighbourhood said that death was a quite place and time, where it is quieter than ever. His dream was to find a place where the land meets the water as he said that it would be heavenly. He used to say that that place is very rich in the sense that there is natural beauty and cool breeze keeps you healthy.I found that place in Cornwall, England (UK). The beach by our flat (an apartment) was beautiful. It did look like land and water were meeting. So, what is heaven like? How is it decided that who goes to heaven? In my faith it is not up to us who goes to heaven. One of my coworkers felt sorry for me because as she said in spite of being a good person, most honest and helpful etc, etc, I was not of her faith. As far as I think anyone who comes from a place where there is love for humanity deserves to go to heaven.
So many of my favourite celebrities have passed away. I cannot imagine a heaven without Charles Schultz, Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, Mahatma Gandhi and all those people who made great discoveries from which the whole world benefits. 

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