Monday, December 20, 2010

Life, Livelyhood, Carriers and Popularity?

My civics teacher in sixth grade told us that we all need basic skills in life even if we are alone. If we want to get married and have kids we need them even more, in the sense that we need to become faster, swifter and thorough in every thing we do. Then there is money to be made. We do have to take money making seriously. We need to figure out fair and safe means of making money. Then comes the question working hard mentally or physically. No matter how you make money, never make making of money the only purpose in life. "Making money doing what you like to do is the best way of making money". Hence, phrases like "Gardening is my life" or as a singer said "My carrier is fueled by my passion."
My brother, a retired Navy Chief, has been missing going to work. In spite of working till his back broke he is always grateful that the Navy took care of his family. Elvis Presley was called in when the draft was announced and his fans were devastated. They wrote several letters, but Elvis Presley did his two years of Service. Now there was an honest American.
My daughter said that she heard on Colbert Report "Jesus is like Yahweh's Joe Biden." I do not mean to be a blasphemer when I quote this.

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