Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life, Love, Gifts and Attention ?

In 1997, we had a very young coworker who was extremely hardworking. He got the attention of all the older ladies like myself because you do not see too many people like him. Sure, all of us work hard, but we all had a soft corner in our hearts for him because he came from a broken home. He had  mixed feelings about his Dad. He did not know whether to love him or hate him. I would not blame him a bit. What does a young person do if his Dad gets drunk night after night, does not keep up with his job and gets fired? We just told him to deal with the situation and he could talk to us whenever he wanted to. He seemed to be happy working with us. "It is like I have a family right here" he would tell us. During the Holidays, one of the security guards got him not one or two but five of those ten dollar booklets that we used to get in a fast food place(this was before the reloadable cards were common). He was overwhelmed and we could see the appreciation in his eyes. The following couple of weeks he seemed extra perky and worked even harder.
"You sure are a happy camper " I said.
"Guess what Munir, I got to see my Dad, five times this week," he said with a chuckle.
"That's great," I said. It turned out that he had been buying food for himself and his Dad with the fast food booklets that the security guard had given it to him.
Yesterday on the television someone said. "Christmas is a time to do nice things."
The weather man waited for his turn and then said, "It is nice to do Christmas things any time and every time."

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