Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clouds on the Ground, Beautiful Earth and Reckless Drivers - - - - - - - - ?

"You do your best with what you have and you will make it, no matter where you go, or come from, or what religion you follow." This is one of the tips that I brought back from India in the mental envelope of tips( Vichar in Hindi)  given by my grandma. I notice though, that a lot of people do not do their best with the things they are  given or even their time. That makes me feel that I have been cheated. I stay a little upset for some time and then something happens that makes me think that the Vichars were right.
9W is a beautiful road, now more than ever, the foliage is stunning.The sky over Storm King mountain and the look over spot seems like velvet, with clouds spread out. Five minutes before the Storm King mountain is
 flat  land with maple trees. This afternoon that maple plantation was covered with clouds and that looked beautiful , like the tree tops were peeking through the clouds. I was travelling ten miles below the speed limit as visibility was bad. I tried to enjoy the clouds and stay safe. However a lot of cars were weaving, I felt bad that people have become so busy that they cannot give extra five minutes for safe driving especially in fog. I was also thinking about the way people don't make the best of what they are given, their time, their automobiles and even their lives. That made me sad.
Five minutes later,  I heard screeching sirens and what do I see? Four cars that ran into the ones in front of them. I am hoping that everyone is all right.

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