Monday, October 18, 2010

Better Them than Me - - - - - - How Safe Are We?

I hear at least two accident reports on the radio every morning. Am I the only one who worries so much ? Maybe there are a few more senior citizens who do not take their lives for granted. It is not that I am worried about my own life alone. I get devastated when I see young people drive recklessly. They have so much to see, so much to look forward to and so much to go home to. It is a good thing that seat belt laws are tough and they actually save our lives. Still an accident is such a waste of resources and waste of time.
"I used to throw high beam at a car in the on coming lane if I saw it zoom, so they get  heads up about the cop that is sitting in his car, maybe half a mile down the road." A co-worker told me one day.
"I still do that, actually I alert even the ones who are in front of me so they slow down," I said.
"I do no such thing anymore." Said my co-worker.
"Really?" I asked.
"Na, -- I don't, today cops give tickets because they have to, so, let those high speeding show offs get the ticket, why should I alert them?" So no more mutual understanding between drivers!!
I would feel really guilty if I did not warn the driver ahead of me and then see him rear end somebody.
"If only everybody followed driving regulations we would not have to worry about warning them." My coworker sounded like he has given up. Seems like I might too.

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