Friday, October 1, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Great People, Lonely -----?

"Just remember this, if you know me you have someone to talk to. I mean really, you could be my grandparents' age, my parents' age, my age, my siblings' age, my childrens' age , my grandchildrens' age or any age in between, you have my numbers, you can talk to me. I am not trained in any capacity what so ever but I am a human being just like you, so do not hesitate. Pour your heart out, if you have to. I probably will not have any solutions to your problems but getting them off of your chest may make you feel some what better."
I want to post the above message. A conversation I had a long time ago with a co - worker always haunts me.
"I don't smoke because I want to. I smoke because I have no one to talk to."

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