Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helpful Adults, Happy Kids, Life is Great

"You should call your blog "Beautiful Earth"." My daughter remarked yesterday. I guess what I was trying to tell is that because this earth is so beautiful, we should enjoy our lives to the fullest. I do not mean go party and get wasted. What I mean is that live our lives the healthiest way possible, try and save each other from getting hurt and do our best to keep this earth in a good shape. Now that is not too much to ask, is it? I think some times my earth friendliness gets some people irritated. When we had to have the catalytic converter replaced, it was kind of expensive. I asked one of my co -workers what a catalytic converter was, she snapped, "It is something you earth friendly people want us to have." I was sad, because I not only did not get a proper answer, I was resented for being earth friendly. Then a friend actually explained to me what a catalytic converter was, and I did not mind spending that money. Hey if I can have the luxury of using a car  (it was a luxury where I come from), I should handle the responsibility of keeping the air clean.
I have taken upon myself to explain to every kid and every young adult with any thing they want to know and listen to every thing they have to say.
My nieces need my help in convincing my bother to stop smoking, and I am going to bug him until he stops. I have to help those kids from worrying about their father. It is up to me as an adult to make sure kids are happy.

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