Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Earth, hurting kids, overlooked - - - - -

"So how did the conference go?" I asked about the conference regarding Junior.
"It was more like a lecture." Sarcasm was over flowing.
"You were talking?" I was pretty sure.
"No, they were."  Now bitterness was added to that sarcasm.
"Really" It was unbelievable.
"I talk to only intelligent people you know." I saw a faint smile.
"Now, come on." I tried to humor the hurt.
"When the authority figures try to blame a victim, I sense a hint of ignorance, rather lack of common sense."  There was helplessness and a reality check in the tone.
"I am sorry." I had no clue how to make that parent feel better.
"In olden days, they had those vigilante."  Those eyes were lost somewhere very far.
"You are not - - -" Now I was scared.
"Don't worry, I am just going to pull Junior out of the school. I guess the cost of private school is worth it after all."

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