Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Happy Kids, Beautiful Life

I went to a private school, not because I was picked on, but because my parents valued good education. The medium of instruction in public state schools in India is the language of the state you reside in. Therefore if you want your child to be fluent in English, you send them to a private school even if you have to cut back on other expenses. Junior was pulled out of a public school for a different reason, a reason that does not have to exist.
"Pain does not have to exist but it does," said one of my brothers, who smokes, in spite of me yelling at him.
"When pain exists, where we do not have any control over it, we might be able to put up with it." I told him."If you can help it, pain does not have to be there."
"If you can help it, but I cannot help it when I need to smoke." He would laugh.
I am not trying to connect the two, smoking and picking on people, (my brother would never pick on people.) I get these flash backs of things going wrong, when they do not have to.
I am pretty sure, Junior out there finds life to be beautiful, His both parents are smart people and they keep telling him that life is beautiful and that he does not have to worry about people who tease him instead if his focus is on nice things he will do great.

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