Monday, October 25, 2010

America the Beautiful , Sunkist Leaves, Disturbed sky elsewhere - - - - - - - -

The ups and downs of Route 9W by Storm King mountain looked like they were ablaze, but as you keep driving you would notice that the trees on the sides and on the mountain were orange, yellow and red. My daughter said that it seemed like we were inside a painting. I was glad that people were actually slowing down to enjoy the fall foliage.
Yes every thing seemed fine up until half an hour ago, when we heard in the News from India that a Sufi Shrine was bombed in Pakistan. Now this is horrible and not at all understandable. Why don't people leave people alone. Sufis are the most peace loving people I know, most down to Earth and least materialistic. My husband is right about us feeling disturbed when things happen close to home. My father believed in Sufi doctrines. He would be devastated to hear about this bombing. I am just glad that the shrine of the Sufi Saint that he believed in is in India.

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