Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Six Billion People and Constant Agitation - - - - - -

So, Junior's upbringing is going fine. What do we have to worry about? A lot of Juniors out there, with only mom or dad at home, but not both of them.  Packing for weekends to go and have a good time with the one who does not spend time with them during the weekdays.
"Well, it is not as simple as that."  The same hurt in the voice again. A parent in pain.
"What now? What do you mean?" I should not be blamed for my concern, that tone always gets me, the tone of the hurting parent.
"I have to go and attend a conference, one to one you know!" I had an idea of what that could be.
"Why?" I needed details.
"Junior said the 'F' Word."  The gaze was on the floor this time.
I had to stay silent.
"I am not sorry, kind of proud actually." Now this was not expected.
"What?" I did not mean to be angry.
"You know Junior is a little overweight. Husky size is comfortable for him, you know the elastic band pants. So, during lunch break a bunch of boys pulled down his pants. His brief was showing. He said the "F" word. They deserve it."  Part of me was disturbed but who could blame a hurting parent.
I don't think that swearing is the answer, but standing up for one's self even at an early age has worked for some kids, only fear is that they might turn out to be bullies themselves.
Ellen De Generes' video is heart breaking. She is right we have a crisis at our hand.

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