Friday, October 29, 2010

America the Beautiful, Hope for Happy sky - - - - - - - - -

It was really comforting to hear the news that people will be sent to jail for vandalizing a place of worship even from the outside. Hurray for our legal system. I hope the rest of the world learns from this.I hope that there will be no more news of places of worship or shrines of saints being bombed. I can only hope because it does take a good judge to be able to prosecute any criminal. Every country needs good lawyers and good judges who have expertise and knowledge of law and can apply to the fullest to prosecute people who bomb other people's sacred places. All of us have a right to believe in what we want to believe. If America would send people to teach law in other countries, it might be more of a help than sending troops because I am sure people in every part of the world will love to have this law being implemented to protect their places of worship.
It was sad to hear that this week the Octopus who was predicting the winning team passed away. I hope that people who believed in him are going to be OK.

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