Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whiner or Winner - - - - - - - - - Still Care for People.

I am pretty pathetic because I have started talking to myself.
"I have become a whiner, about bad drivers haven't I?" I was thinking loudly.
"No you are not, you are a winner," my daughter humored me.
"I don't know about that," I said. I really don't know. I don't even know why I try to save people from getting hurt. Is it really my business? I should get a pet or something. But then that would be selfish on my part to get a pet because I need to get busy. It would be different if I got a pet because it did not have a home or something like that. Maybe I will  do some volunteer work. Then I would not be on people's back. There is only so much you can do around the house. It seems like a good change if you do something else and then do the house work. I was looking forward to the retirement age. I guess you never retire from being a human being. A few humanitarian good deeds, a few smiles back where they belong, a few young people enjoying their carriers instead of just surviving and a little less waste of resources then may be I can feel like a winner.
The news about Tom Bosley reminded me of that episode of Happy Days where Marion wanted to do a little more than being a home maker. I guess I am not the only woman who wants to do more than keeping a home together.

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