Sunday, October 24, 2010

America the Beautiful, Sunkist Leaves and Hopeful Sky - - - - - - -

On Friday I was so sad about the purple sky. Even though there was President Obama's video to reassure kids that they are not alone if they are different, I was still thinking about the kids whose parents must be so lonesome without them. 
"Life goes on, no matter how many sad things people have to go through. We feel sad but sooner or later we put things in the back of our minds, unless we are directly involved," my husband said. I guess we all have to move on. My father always said that we should always think of changing seasons when we feel sad because a season does not stay in one place and neither do sad days. Just like there is dawn after a dark night there will be good days after bad. I only hope that kids out there who feel lonely are listening to us.
The mountains on route 9W are now covered with beautiful fall colors. The sky is not purple.

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