Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down Memory Lane Along with Happy Days - - - - - - - -

Yesterday, I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking about Marion Cunningham and comparing myself to her. Well, today when I look back at those days I am actually amused by them. The memories are overwhelming. The television show "Happy Days" (1974 to 1984 ) was the prime of my motherhood time period as well. My oldest being less than a year old, crawling around our coffee table while we would watch the show in 1974. Then, in 1977 our second one on my shoulder and my oldest next to me going "hey" like the Fonz. Then in 1982 my baby in my arms on our rust color recliner and the other two stretched out on the living room sofa, with my husband between them. Wow, those days were out of this world. I am sure there are dozens of parents who are reminiscing right now and if they are not they should.
It is sad that we lost Tom Bosley. His image will always be that of Howard Cunningham. I am sure he will be missed by the rest of the crew just like a real family member.  

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Masarath said...

You may remember Tom Bosley as Mr Cunningham, but he will always be David the Gnome to me.