Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life, Health, Sickenss and Heaven?

The first day of New Year, I feel sick. Well it is not unusual to feel sick the day after New Year's Eve, but I neither drink nor party. I did not think I would blog today, but I think that a blogger should not just write about good days only. Actually, this makes me feel better, I mean writing about my experiences so others can benefit from them. It is funny how feeling better makes me think of heaven. I hope in heaven each one of us get to do things that make us feel happy. I don't feel like eating even though I should be, I do not want my sugar to drop. Now in heaven, I am hoping that no such rules exist when you have to eat even if you do not feel like eating. I thought that rules are meant for the benefit of mankind. So, between happiness and benefit is there a place where we can have some tranquility. I think I may be getting somewhat delirious right now. Oh well, I will get over this. I know I will. Life has to get back to normal.
When we lost two of our cousins in an auto accident, one of my cousins was consoling me by reminding me that all of us are going to be together. As much as it was hurting to lose cousins who were our best friends the thought of getting back with them again in the heaven gave some kind of solace. I will only know about heaven after I die but until the I would like to think that heaven is a place where we gt to hang out with people we care about.

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