Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Great People Unemployed -------

"I see trees of green, red roses too ---" way back when I was in college I did not even know about Louis Armstrong, but I always imagined the world to be a beautiful place. Green grass, green trees and all kinds of flowers, all colours. My favourite subject was Botany. Then the word came along that people with economics major were in great demand when it came to getting a job.
"Waiting for a call after an interview is no less than an ache in the belly that you get when scrambling for a scholarship," said one of our University alumni. There you go, no more fun learning, no more passion for the subject. Oh well, at least we were in the University bunch, versus people who did not finish high school. Here in the US, my husband and I decided that I will be a stay home Mom. I neither worked in a flower shop nor a bank. Classes that inspired me and ideas that I thought would work for me economically may have betrayed me but without meaning to. I still look back, still miss my friends, my professors and the University grounds. They enriched my life much more than my degree could ever do.
Today, I see a lot of University graduates being unemployed, putting off their loan payments and wondering if they will send their kids to college at such high cost when a degree makes promises it may not keep.
"Debt catches up with you very fast, it is best to live within your means," said a young Dad who worked with me.
But how? I wondered. Does living have to exclude "the planning for your kids college part?" or can we start a life style that will exclude spending on competition gifts?

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