Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Earth, Grown up kids vulnerable parents ------

Twenty first of September, my little girl's birthday and I am borrowing her sweater to go to Applebees. God, how I wish we could shrink a dink our kids. (I know my grammar is wrong,but I like that expression --- long story). They grow up taller than you, smarter than you and yet are humble enough to giggle and hug when given gifts. Sending them to Universities, giving them sound education and guiding them through financial responsibilities made me vulnerable to my own insecurities. Will my husband and I be ever needed again? Birthdays and Holidays make me realize that I don't have to shrink a dink my kids, they make me feel needed by asking for our blessings and accepting with joy, the simplest things we give them. It is their birthday and they are enriching us !!!!
My generation has a lot of senior citizens. Among other insecurities, it is a nice feeling when you don't have to be worries about being needed.


Michelle said...

Little girls always need their mommies... even when they are not quite so little anymore. You are still helping her to become the person she will be in the future, and that makes her a lucky girl. <3

Munir said...

Thanks Michelle, I feel strong now. I hope that my kids have at least a hint of their parents' values (only the good ones) in them.
P.S Excuse the spelling mistakes in my blogs. I will try to be careful in future.

Munir said...

Thanks Michelle. I feel strong now. I hope that my kids have in them, a hint of their parent's values (only the good ones).
PS There are spelling mistakes in my blogs. I will br careful in future.