Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Gen X" "Gen Y", Great Parents ------ Beautiful Offsprings, Beautiful Earth

When a bunch of high school girls pulled up a scheme to get pregnant at the same time, I was scared speechless. Coming from India, where mothers' ages range from early teens to mid thirties (on average), I believed that people should have kids only when they are ready. I mean really ready, financially, emotionally, timewise and energy wise.
I would not like to label my grandkids as "Gen Z" as I don't know what kind of characteristics will be attributed to them. All I know is that people born in the seventies and eighties are well rounded and they will raise awesome kids. From being individualistic, tech savvy, ambitious, and flexible, to being team players and religious "Gen X" and "Gen Y" are good in balancing money and time, not neglecting values.  The millennials make take their time and may seem cold but any responsibility they take, they do their best to fulfill. They could never be apathetic.

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