Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainbow colours, do as I do ------ beautiful Earth !!!

I think of Canada as a docile and harmless little sister of the USA. My family trip to Toronto last December was a bitter sweet one.  Among the hassles of being in a wedding party, were the chilblains from wearing dresses from delicate and light materials and shoes that were not at all meant for Toronto in December. A December wedding in Toronto? Wow, every one who heard that was as amazed as a circus audience. Every day we would be in and out a dozen times, running last minute errands etc. However, I could not help but admire my sister in law's practice of  handling the unwanted material (trash) in her kitchen. She had a separate bin each for paper, metal, glass and plastic on the floor and a cute little bin for biodegradable refuge (as she calls it) in a corner on top of the counter by the sink. Wow, such pains, I thought and I let her know how she is doing such a favour to our mother Earth. She said that she is glad that now she can do this because as many places as she had moved, this was just about the only one neighbourhood (or town) where she has to do this by law !!  She in return gets a bag full of compost every spring from the refuge collectors. What a good practice. I only dream of the day when every town and every country would make people do this. Then we would be able to keep our Earth beautiful. Explain the concept of recycling to kids and try as much as you can to do what you are teaching them to do ------- then see that the colours of our Earth will be as beautiful as a Rainbow.

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