Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vulnerable Seniors, careless drivers, ruining our earth --------

I get very much discouraged about saving the natural beauty of our woods when I see people litter on the side of our highways and parkways. I was explaining to my kids a long time ago who the yellow-clothed people were on the side of Thruway 87 North going upstate towards Montreal, when my son expressed his disappointment in people who littered. "We throw our garbage in garbage cans at home don't we, why can't they?" 
"Well -- maybe they should have more garbage cans," should have been my answer or " maybe they should wait until they go home?" In any case, it is very convenient isn't it? Just role down the window and chuck. So, this has become an every day, every time habit? Your car is clean, never mind the road side. Oops, someone did not realize that there cigarette was still lit, and ----?
WHUD traffic report had announced that there was a long back up, maybe up to thirty five minutes, between Exit 15 and Exit 16.  My heart was in my throat.  What now? A fender bender? A rear ender?
What it turned out to be was a brush fire. Something that could have been prevented if people just took a few seconds to think about what could have happened.

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