Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rainbow colours -----"Do as I do"

Yes, welcome to reality. Even with rainbow colours do as I do will work better than do as I say. "If you get a double cheese burger, a large pack of french fries and a large soda (32 oz) and sit down next to your five year old offering him baby carrots and mac and cheese or an egg salad sandwich, you think that he is not going to want your food, you must be in an other world," I told a young mother (one of my co-workers.) "That means I have to eat his food," she said, sounding disappointed. A few weeks later, she complained,  "I cannot survive like this." 
"You mean eating healthy." I was having fun with her willingness to change for her kid.
"It is boring," she pouted.
"It will not be, if you imagine saving yourself from having to go through an angioplasty and scaring the daylights out of your son ten years from now."

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