Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids, Rainbows and vegetables?

Yesterday's blog made me wonder as to how we can use the love of rainbow for our kids' advantage. That got me thinking. How about we let our kids write down the colours of a rainbow, then ask them what colour of the rainbow they would like their vegetables/ or fruit to be served in. Simple: Red, (tomatoes apples or even red raspberries)  Orange(oranges or carrots)  Yellow (corn on the cob, banana yellow squash)  Green(spinach, kale, lettuce,pears)  Blue (blue berries,)  Indigo,(purple or graffiti eggplant is the closest you can get)  Violet (purple grapes).  Let them come up with any new vegetable or fruit they might look up. Holland peppers come in beautiful yellow and orange and capsicum come  in green or red in the USA. Exotic fruits like Mangoes and Pomegranate come in red. You can teach about Kiwi that comes in green, but an allergic reaction is not uncommon. Have fun with healthy food and you may not have to worry about getting them to eat their vegetable.

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