Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mistakes, lack of foresight or bad habits --------?

I promised in a message I sent some one that I will be very careful with spellings and then I go and make spelling mistakes in the same message. Man ---- what is happening to me, am I developing a bad habit that I never had before? I am a Grandma, I got to be extra careful. Talk about careful, I remember a neighbour of ours asked me if I knew any one who can take their family cat.
"Aw," I said, "You are giving it away, is it a kitten?"
"No, " she said. "It is two years old, we have to give it away because my daughter has asthma." She was genuinely concerned.
"I have asthma too, so I am sorry we will not be able to take it," I said and I was really sorry."I will pass the word around ," I promised her. Then what do you think I noticed? she had a lit cigarette in her hand. She was leaning out of her window though, so there --- she was not being a bad Mom. What should I make out from this incident. Some one willing to give their pet away but not give up smoking? Or do they not realize what they could be doing to their kids?

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