Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kids, Kaleidscope and Rainbows

"Thank God, rainbows are in the sky, no one can spoil them," said a first grader when I was shadowing my Hindi teacher. "That's right, you are very smart," I said, and my Hindi teacher gave me a thumbs up.
"Wow," I said as I sat down with my Hindi teacher for my review as a peer teacher. "That was so profound." "Yes" my teacher said. "About the rainbow? You know Munir, all babies are born with pure colours, I mean qualities, as good as or may be better than a rainbows. When we start to grow up however they get sorted out and separated. Then it seems like our colours are locked up in a Kaleidoscope, we see them in different designs but they are still limited and not as pure as a rainbow's."

That was a very heavy statement. I was then a teenager and of different faith than hers, so I remained silent. For a long time I could not get the bubbly feeling that every one gets from a Kaleidoscope. Years later, I realized what she meant. Now I am open minded about different concepts  ------ even those that are not main stream.

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