Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Earth, lack of foresight and unhealthy kids -----

The other day, while being careful about spelling mistakes, I ended up sending some one the same message twice. What is happening to me? I used to multi task all the time. Will I put twice the sugar in a recipe? Now this is getting frightening. But wait -- I think I can pin this forgetfulness on the fact that I was worried about my neighbour's smoking and her kids. Then why don't I do something about her? I know my neighbours in my old neighbourhood for over thirty years. Did I make their business mine? No.
Imagine a six year old, going to ER four times and missing eight days of school and it is only January. This was eight years ago. I was not surprised then and I won't be surprised now. Four adults (two parents and two grandparents) all chain smokers living under the same roof with a six year old. This kid must be fourteen now. Junior High, peer pressure, awkward age and readily available cigarettes?
My husband thinks that I worry too much.

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