Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do as I do, beautiful Earth ------- and People?

Yes, this Earth is beautiful, including the Oceans (including pictures people draw.) Now, let's assume that we are taking the best possible care of our Mother Earth  (recycling and saving it from trash that is not biodegradable.) But are we overlooking something ---- something that is as important as the Earth itself and, even if I say so, maybe more important?
"What?" asked my husband." Air, water?" 
"Try population," I said.
"Really?" he asked.
"I would think so." I said. I believe it too. Why do we save this Earth and the atmosphere from getting polluted? Isn't it to leave them good enough for future generations?  This thought came to my mind when my daughter came and shared with me what she learned in a meeting at work. Eight million people are hungry on this earth and I don't mean "I am getting late for dinner" hungry but they did not eat for a few days. Also get this, over a billion people are overweight. Somewhere here is a message that may be if we try we can help the hungry and without offending anyone (myself included) we can help people to get into healthier habit.

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