Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beautiful Earth, healthy bodies ------- --and minds?

"My Mom is dying inside" said one of my co- workers.
"About your ----?" I was hesitating to bring up her son's problems.
"Yes" she said looking away.
"Awe--" I was looking for words.
"You know Munir --" she said almost choking. "It would be much easier for Grandma to talk about her grandson if he had  --- may be cancer?"
"Don't say that." I gasped, my words were not clear and she was not listening. She was just venting, venting about the fact that we cannot talk about certain issues in our society and this is twenty-first century.
I just finished reading a book A Corner of the Universe  by Ann M. Martin. It is very enlightening. It is a story from the sixties (part of it being true.) I won't ruin the ending but it has some pretty powerful messages.

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