Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being Prepared, Key To Keeping Promises

The temperature this morning was one degree Fahrenheit. That means frigid and yet I was not feeling as low as I was feeling a couple of days ago. I think I am getting used to the cold weather finally. I should have been used to winter by now. With three feet of snow from the day after Christmas there were plenty of reasons to feel dull. The energy that was stored from spring, summer, and fall was helping me cope and I think finally fatigue is beginning to set in. So from now on, I will make sure that I eat right and yes, I will make sure that everyone eats right too. So, for next winter, I will plan ahead and eat extra healthy so, my energy level does not go down as the temperature goes down. I just have to make sure that I do not over eat.
Looking at baby pictures of my kids helped me a lot. A lot of people had told me that as you get older, you start feeling sad, because you keep missing your kids. I always miss my kids but on snow days and school closings I miss them even more. So for young parents I have some advice. Enjoy your kids on snow days instead of thinking that they are a handful and they keep you from your daily routine or they make you miss work. Once they grow up and go away or even have their own things to do, you can have plenty of time on hand. You can still work on your hobbies at old age, but kids are kids only once.
Hey, I kept my promise to enjoy writing.

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Lois May said...

Was just thinking today that I am exhausted and I wouldn't mind if school would start now. Thanks for reminding me how precious time with them really is.