Monday, January 31, 2011

Todler Taking Care of An Infant

Yesterday, I was sitting and taking rest on a chair in the mall. My daughter was doing her mall walk as it is very cold outside. I normally walk with her but I had a rough night on Saturday with my breathing so I decided to sit and watch people go by. There is a small area with little cars, fire engines, trains and rides for kids. The kind where you put quarters and they start. It is fun to watch kids do all kinds of cute things. Yesterday a toddler, ( or may be a nursery school age boy) came with his Mom and an infant brother in a stroller. Sure, he was quick to climb in the little fire engine and watched his Mom put the quarter in. The ride started and the Mom nicely brought the stroller close to the ride. Then she stepped up to the Hall Mark Card store and peeked in. The store was closed. She took out her I phone ( or smart Phone) and started using her fingers and her thumb. Her son in the ride called out "Momy!". She kept on typing and said, "I am right here."
The little boy called out again, "Momy!!". Same answer, "I am right ". She looked up and started playing with her phone again. The kid called out the third time,"Mom !!!" Same answer, "I am right here". this time the tone was a little stronger. The ride stopped and he got off. Then he came to the stroller, pulled the belt tight and yelled at the infant. "Don't try to get out !!! OK !!! Momy is busy !!!.


Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. That is so cute.

Munir said...

I thought that was cute too. That little boy will grow up to be very responsible. Thanks for stopping by.