Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Loving Their Music Is Honoring the Musician

I heard the name Gerry Rafferty in the evening news today. For some reason I could not recognize the name. I have been in this country long enough to know the Jazzy beginning of "Baker Street". The reality is that when we came to America in 1974, we were still hanging on to our Melodies from back home and some music from England like songs from the Beatles, Shirley Basey, Tom Jones, Gilbert O' Sullivan and the Monkees. We still do. To us today's Bollywood music is foreign. The thing is, whether it is American Music or Indian we mostly enjoy the music of the times when we were younger. When my daughter played the song on Youtube I still did not remember the singer. The wordings of the song seem very familiar but I could not mentally connect them to the Jazzy beginning. For the longest time I thought that the Saxophone was by Kenny G. Even today when I hear old time popular melodies like the one from The Godfather, Dr.Zhivago, the original Romeo and Juliet, and even Love Story, the memories are not of the artist but of the time I used to listen to them. It is very hard to understand a human mind.
As far as my kids are concern, the Jazzy beginning of "Baker Street" is associated with Lisa Simpson.

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