Friday, January 14, 2011

Kids are People Growing up

Kids are people growing up. Yes, so respect them just like you would respect a grown up. Two days ago, my son went to work late because of the snow. The good thing about that snow storm was that he was able to send us videos of our grandson washing his mouth right after he lost his first loose tooth ( as he calls it). It was monumental as my daughter puts it and it needed documentation as the Dad recorded his announcement. My grandson was natural and uninhibited about the whole thing. He is getting not only a dollar but also a marvel super hero. (wow, what happened to a dime or a quarter?). This is great and very, very cute indeed.
We are proud and happy about each milestone in our kids life. You know, first word, first tooth cutting, first step (even with a fall) and first time potty and so on and so forth until , oh ! oh !, first you know what ---- what else first pimple, or zit or break out or whitehead, black head and what have you. Kids get offended even at a suggestion for a remedy or treatment for pimples. I have a habit of learning from other people's mistakes. So I learned my lesson when someone else suggested one of my kids a treatment for pimples. I do not mention the word at all. I even keep quiet when young people complains about nothing working for them. No matter how young people are, they are people, so people please learn to respect our children.

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