Friday, January 21, 2011

Promises We Make

I promised myself that I would write every other day at least. Writing is something that makes me feel better. I guess sometimes you do not want to do anything, not even the things that make you feel better. I guess that is typical of winter feelings. I did not realize that we need the sun so badly in our lives. It has been a really cold winter so far. Although 1995 winter was supposed to have had the most amount of snow. I wonder why I did not feel that winter has ever been so tough. I mean, we used to shovel a six car drive way then, and now we do not have to shovel even. Looking over the years, winters in the past do not seem so bad, may be it was because kids were home, the things that were lined up to be done were enough to keep your mind busy and the things you do for your kids are so much more satisfying than just sitting and watching TV or reading a magazine. So now on I promise to be active and do things that I like then look in the picture albums of my kids as a reward.

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