Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sadness, Happiness, Things are how We Acheive Them

I was reading an inspirational line from Dalai Lama, my daughter said that he is cool. He certainly is. Anyone who says things to benefit humanity is always good in my eyes.
I was sleepless for the last four or five days. I know too many people who have kids. The nine year old girl who was robbed of her life is going to rest in peace today onwards. For some reason, I kept seeing the scene where a young man simply goes and buys a gun. I am wondering where are we going wrong as parents. Do people not have time to sit down even for a few minutes a day and read or talk some inspirational talk with their kids? It was not too long ago, that the twenty-two year old lad must have been a teenager.
New Jersey teachers may be in hot seat because their school district is making them go through some efficiency test routine. They want better teachers. So we make sure that academically kids are sound. What about human aspect? I hope that they add a "Civics" class to the curriculum. I know that when we were kids we found great benefit in that class. It does take a lot of different aspects of education to make a kid a good human being. Those of us who are parents of real young children should speak up and add a class of human behavior. It is not going to be against democracy as humanity is the religion of all of us.

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