Friday, January 7, 2011

Music,Voice, Hope,Redemption

As I was growing up, I saw at least three to four flowers in bloom every single day. My parents loved plants. We had flowers from Roses to Lillies to Jasmine to Hibiscus, to annuals like Zenias,  Dhalias and Sun Roses. Every time a flower would wither and fall off my father would point to the one that was blooming or already in bloom. He always said that it was an example of things getting better right when you think that things are bleak.
In the beginning of the week, we heard about the musician who made "Baker Street." It was sad to know the background of that song. I was feeling really bad about the people on the street and just like my feelings were felt by someone up above, we hear about the homeless man with the velvety golden voice, his reunion with his mother and his ex-wife's good hopes for him.
Almost everyone is holding their breath hoping that he will not ruin his life again like he did in the past.

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