Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prepared For Compliment Day

I was prepared, so prepared for Compliment Day. I made a sign for the hall so all the residents in the building can see it. I wrote a note for the lady who delivers our mail. Then when I went to the supermarket I paid compliments to people who were working there. They were genuine compliments, not hollow. I also suggested to the lady at the customer service desk to tell her manager that it was compliment day and he should compliment his associates. She was happy and she said that she will. Wow, that made me feel better. Then there was an old lady who was shivering in the cold (one degree below zero) who looked at me and smiled and said, "That's it I am moving to Florida." I smiled back and asked her, "Do you want to be warm?" Before she said anything, I informed her "Today is compliment day,give your husband a compliment and you will feel warm." She laughed and smiled at her husband, who was walking towards the store after parking his car. I told my daughter what I have been doing all day. She was happy that I had a good day making people happy. I know that it did not cost me a thing. Being nice can be catchy. Compassion is needed in this world. May be all of us who claim to be religious can learn that if Love is Divine* and if God made us in his image then we should be compassionate. I see that compassion is nothing but an image of Love. (* like Seal says.)
Yesterday I miss spelled the word Compliment. My son caught that mistake but said that he likes the way I write. I know he is honest and so is his compliment.